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Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages


Sembalun crater rim over the moon 2d 1n 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Mount Rinjani Summit trekking package. Conquer the majestic peak and soak in breathtaking views along the way. Book your trekking experience today for an exhilarating journey to remember.

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Senaru Crater rim wonders 2D 1n

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Trekking Senaru Crater Rim Mount Rinjani Package. Discover breathtaking views, immerse yourself in nature, and create lasting memories. Book your trekking experience today!

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Trekking mount rinjani tetebatu crater rim 2d 1n

Trekking to Plawangan Timbanuh 2650 masl and south peak 3500 masl start from Timbanuh and return to Timbanuh in 2 days 1 night

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trekking aik kalak hot spring 3d2n

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Mount Rinjani Summit 3 days 2 nights  trekking package. Explore breathtaking landscapes, challenge yourself with a thrilling ascent, and create lasting memories at one of Indonesia’s most iconic destinations. Book your adventure today!

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Unforgettable exploer rinjani and lombok tour 7d 6n

Embark on a 7-days adventure exploring the breathtaking Mount Rinjani and Lombok with our exclusive package. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty and experience unforgettable moments. Book your journey now!

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hot spring

Exploring Mount Rinjani 4D 3N

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our 4-day Mount Rinjani package. Discover the beauty of Indonesia’s second-highest volcano with expert guides and comfortable accommodations. Book your journey today and experience the wonder of Mount Rinjani.

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Rinjani Climbing Sembalun Tour – Torean 4-Days 3-Nights

The Torean hiking trail is the newest route to Mount Rinjani in the northern part of Lombok Island which is included in the administrative area of North Lombok Regency. This route is usually passed by pilgrims to Lake Segara Anak, both Hindus and Muslims. The torean track is the gentlest path to Lake Segara Anak, departing from a height of 750m asl (start trekking point) to Lake Segara Anak at 2000m asl. Since it was inaugurated, this path is the most favored route by climbers, especially when coming down from the lake.

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Below is information that you should read before coming to climb Mount Rinjani:

How To Reach Mount Rinjani?

Mount Rinjani is an inactive volcano located in Lombok. The easiest way to reach Mount Rinjani is to fly directly to Lombok. Air transportation route, namely the Lombok International airport in Praya, Central Lombok district (Airport Code: LOP) and then travel to Sembalun to be precise, at the east foot of Mount Rinjani or to Senaru village to the north of Mount Rinjani

Travel route options to Mount Rinjani from Lombok International Airport:

  1. Sembalun, takes about 2 – 2.5 hours to pass through the eastern side of Mount Rinjani with the Praya-Kopang – Masbagik – Aikmel route and then arrives at Sembalun village on the east side of Mount Rinjani (the closest climbing route to the summit of Mount Rinjani).
  2. Senaru, takes about 2.5 – 3 hours, passing through Mataram and around half of Lombok island before arriving at Senaru village, the hiking trail to Rinjani from the north.
  3. Torean, Torean is a route that has just opened and was inaugurated in April 2021. Through this route, you can stay overnight at Sembalun or Senaru, specializing in the route to Lake Segara Anak.

If you can’t fly directly to Lombok, the best way is to transit via Jakarta or fly to Bali and take a fast boat to Lombok . . .read more

Mount Rinjani Lombok

It has an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci. Mount Rinjani which is located on the island of Lombok, for the Lombok people, the Sasak tribe and the Balinese, this mountain is a holy place, where the peak of Rinjani is where the holy people live and Lake Segara Anak is where the Balinese perform the Mulang Pakelem religious ritual.

The large crater of Segara Anak or Segara Anak located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level is not only considered sacred by Balinese Hindus, but the Sasak tribe also undertakes an annual trip to climb through steep slopes to do Mount Sembek or Foster Mount with the aim that Mount Rinjani does not endanger the surrounding community.

In the Segara Anak caldera there is an active volcano, namely Mount Baru Jari, this mountain is believed to be the breath of Mount Rinjani. In the area around Mount Baru Jari there are also many hot springs which local people believe can cure various kinds of diseases so that sometimes they are desperate to approach the core zone which they should not visit.

Location Gunung Rinjani National Park Lombok, Indonesia
Parent range Lesser Sunda Islands
Geology :
Age of rock Late Mesozoic
Mountain type Somma
Volcanic arc Sunda Arc
Last eruption 14:45, 27 September 2016 (WITA)
Climbing :
Skilled route Timbanuh
Normal route Sembalun and Senaru
Access Restricted


Current Weather Forecast on Mount Rinjani Lombok click here


Route Options to Top of Rinjani

Impressive mountain climbing is an unforgettable experience. The starting point for climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani can start from Sembalun or Senaru and Torean from northern Lombok.

However, if you ask which route is the easiest to reach the top of Mount Rinjani, then the answer is the Sembalun route. Apart from the distance from the climbing door to the closest peak, the Sembalun route also has the best and safest access.

However, if you want to climb Lake Segara Anak first, then you can climb via the Torean route in the north. Apart from Torean, if you want to go to the new lake to the top then choose the Senaru route and this route is cooler than Sembalun, but you need at least 3 days of travel to reach the top.

The best time to climb Mount Rinjani

The best time to climb Mount Rinjani starts from April-November. to avoid dust, it’s best to hike in April and May but it still has the potential to rain.

While in June-October the Sembalun hiking trail is quite dusty but avoids the potential for rain, while in November and December it has started to rain but it is still safe to climb.

Hiking trails are generally closed during the rainy season from January to the end of March. In recent years the early months of the ‘dry season’ have become more prone to rain and you should be prepared for heavy rain and low visibility with slippery tracks and heavy fog especially in the afternoon.

Cost of Climbing Mount Rinjani

The cost of climbing Mount Rinjani is not cheap, namely between 2.5 and 4.5 million rupiah per person. We prioritize good and maximum service, so it requires quite a large fee.

This is to provide a sense of security and satisfaction for every tourist who uses our company’s services, the price problem for each company must have different prices, as well as the problem of service and equipment obtained must also be different or in simple language prices will never lie.

By setting prices above the average of other tour operators, we guarantee you will get the best service.


Climbing Rinjani in Lombok is usually done at least 2 days and can be done up to 5 days. Before climbing, of course you need accommodation in the form of a homestay, bungalow or hotel. When you take the package, we will provide lodging for you for one night before climbing, or you can order it yourself according to your individual tastes.

List of Items to Bring

It is recommended to bring a certain number of items during the Rinjani trip program, all items will be packed in a small backpack no more than 10 kg:

  1. Quick-drying synthetics: Shirt (can be short or long sleeve) as a base layer, a good quality fleece/wool jacket as the middle then and a thick windproof jacket as an outer layer. Waterproof and windproof outdoor pants and a pair of woolen gloves, headgear and scarf for additional cold protection.
  2. Mountain Shoes: The preferred shoe is a medium-cut shoe for better ankle grip and to prevent soil from getting into the shoe.
  3. Trekking Poles : Highly recommended for climbing the summit as the terrain leading to the summit is very steep and consists of very fine and loose volcanic soil which can cause one to slip easily.
  4. Hadlamp: this is important because you need it when climbing to the top of Mount Rinjani.
  5. Medicines: for those of you who have a history of allergic diseases, we suggest bringing your own medicine.
  6. Others: Water bottle, flashlight, toiletries, sun block / lotion, hat, glasses, muscle spray / balm, insect repellent, camera, cell phone and power bank.

The equipment list above assumes you are going with a guide and the porter brings all camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and toilet tent), cooking equipment, water and food.

Guide and Porters

Speaking of guides and porters, we guarantee that the porters on Rinjani are the best porters on Mount Indonesia. they don’t only carry things, but they also cook and prepare everything you need during the climb.

The guides/guides and porters come from native Sembalun residents who are mostly licensed and experienced in guiding guests to climb Mount Rinjani.

As a Tour & Travel Agent, we have our own guides and porters who certainly have good skills and experience in guiding guests to climb Mount Rinjani.

Guides and Porters will do the best possible service they can do for guest satisfaction and in the hope of getting some good tips and reviews for our company from guests.

For bookings or more complete information about climbing packages to Rinjani and tours in Lombok, please contact us via e-mail or to the contact below.