Tailor-Made Tours: Around Lombok Island.

Post date: Monday, 3 October 2016 - Editor : Rania Garini
Picture: Pearl From Lombok-jewelsofpearl.com
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Would you like to create your own adventure and unique holiday?

Creating your own holiday:

  1. It can be a fun and an effective way to manage your own budget.
  1. It’s allowing you the freedom and flexibility to travel.
  1. You may want to choose specific elements of a destination, particular places, spend extra time in an area to get to know the local people and culture or visit historic sites or just visiting cultural places, or preferred private group or families, and many more reasons.
  1. You will be unconstrained by the wishes of other people or a group, giving you ultimate choice.

The following itineraries act as a suggestion only, and can be tailored to suit your needs: trekking only to Mount Rinjani, only visiting Sade Village, maybe you’re interested to see Pottery area, or learn traditional weaving. Lombok Island is famous worldwide as one of the best pearl producers.

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