Sasak's House.

Post date: Tuesday, 7 June 2016 - Editor : Rania Garini

The indigenous Lombok people, the Sasaks, make up ±90% of Lombok’s population.


1. Rice barn known as lumbung to store and dry harvested rice.
2. The house has a low thatched roof, made from straw or alang-alang.
The reason it’s so low is that visitors bow before entering, to respect the owners.

3. The floor is made of a mixture of clay, cow dung, latex and straw ash.
4. The wall is built from plated bamboo.

5. There are no windows.
6. Materials to build the house are from the local environment.
7. They don’t use iron nails, they use bamboo nails.

8. The construction has a connection with Islam’s perspective.
The house has three different stair cases, symbol of human life (birth, grow and death),
and family (father, mother and children).
Berugak has four pillars. The symbol of Islamic Laws (Qur’an, Hadits, Ijma and Qiyas).

9. Berugak is  like a house on stilts and usually square or rectangular with a roof made of reeds or palm leaves and is located separately from the main house.
10. Timing, location and material are the most important things for Sasak people when they build the house.

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