History: Mosque Bayan Beleq.

Post date: Monday, 6 June 2016 - Editor : Rania Garini
Picture: traveldetik.com

Bayan Beleq Mosque is in Bayan Village, North Lombok. Located ± 80 km from Mataram.

1. It’s the oldest mosque on the island of Lombok, Indonesia.
2. The mosque was built by Syeh Gaus Abdul Razak, one of Islam missionary in Bayan in 16th century.
3. The wall’s height around 125 cm. It’s made from bamboo weaving which stands on stone foundation.
4. Gentong to keep the water for wudhu is in the front of the mosque. Gentong is similar to water barrel.
5. There are decorations above the pillars with the shape of fish and bird.
    Fish means earth life. Bird means a life after death. Other decorations in the shape of chicken, dragon, egg.
6. There are 2 tombs inside the mosque complex: Tomb of Syekh Gaus Abdul Razak and Titi Mas Penghulu.

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