About Us.

Post date: Monday, 26 September 2016 - Editor: Muhammad Habiburrahman


He was born, grown up and lives in Sembalun Village.
He is always involving and empowering the local community and maintain sustainable trekking activities around Sembalun Village.
He is the owner of Royal Rinjani Tour and Sembalun Lodge.
Director of Non-Profit Organization Sembalun Community Development Center (SCDC) since 2008.
For more details about SCDC and other information, please follow this link http://rinjanitour.weebly.com/


We have recently changed the name of our business from Royal Rinjani Trek to Royal Rinjani Tour in 2016.

The name change coincides with the increasing investment and expansion in the range of services we offer,
new insight and knowledge.

Royal Rinjani Tour was formed on Wednesday 01-06-2016 by Mr. Royal Sembahulun as the owner,
and with help from Mr. Muhammad Habiburrahman and Mr. Riza Muhammad as Web-Designer from Lombok Innovation and Ms. Rania Garini as Editor.

Royal Rinjani Tour operates from Sembalun Lawang Village, Lombok.
From our base camp located in the beautiful Rinjani Mountain and Pergasingan Hill.

We are specialized for independent, family and group trekking, tours, safaris & expeditions in Lombok with experience servicing clients from all over the world. We offer you from package tours, trekking, hiking, camping, bed and breakfast, camping, snorkeling, tailor-made tours, and rent equipment at competitive prices.

We employ all local expert guides for our excursions and offer a great selection of guided adventure tours in Lombok, especially to Mount Rinjani and Pergasingan Hill.

Please contact us for any questions or to book your holiday with us.
We look forward to guiding you on the trip of a lifetime!


Explore, Family, Sustainability and Care.

Focusing on:
Safety, cooperation, eco-tourism, environmental protection and sustainability.
different needs, togetherness, respect, preferences, cultures and languages.

Responsible and ensure that tourism can give positive impact and
beneficiary for the local people and environment.

Royal Rinjani Trek has a strong commitment to support programs and activities of
Sembalun Community Development Center.


Welcome to stay with us at Bed and Breakfast Sembalun Lodge in the heart of Sembalun Village.

Bed and Breakfast Sembalun Lodge is a family owned business.
Established in 2012 by Mr. Royal Sembahulun.
The daily activities carried out by his mother, Bunda Lita and his niece, Utami Elsa Manora.

Location:  Sembalun East, Lombok 83666, Indonesia.

In the heart of Sembalun village, on Sembalun Road.
Ideal location to start exploring and trekking of Rinjani Mountain and Pergasingan Hill.

Close to a small clinic about 3 kilometres away by car.
Close to the small shops and local restaurants.

Close to vegetables and strawberries farm.
Close to paddy fields, it is perfect for soft trekking and offering soothing outlooks over the natural surroundings.

Some lodges face to the:
East with the view of Anak Dara Hill.
West with the view of Mount Rinjani
North with the view of Pergasingan Hill
South with the view of Pusuk Hill.

Breakfast included.
Car parking is out in front of your room.
Children welcome.

Small porch, children's games and books.
Linen, towels, blankets, soap & shampoo.
We will help you to arrange with other parties for your laundry.

We pride ourselves on being local and employing local people.
From time to time we are training them to deliver the highest quality of standards to achieve the best results
for our company and community.

Our logo represents the icon of Lombok Island, Mount Rinjani and a letter "R" for Royal Rinjani Tour.
Green is the colour of life, nature, energy, renewal, growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, ambition, and environment.